Vendor Guidelines

Vendor Guidelines

We love having babywearing retailers as part of our community here at BWBSS – the experience, expertise and insider knowledge that retailers bring really benefits our members. A list of authorised vendors can be found here.

We do, however, see the need for some guidelines to help vendor members judge when it’s appropriate to mention their business interests on the group wall.

– Vendors must be active participants in the group. This means that 4 out of 5 interactions in the group should be helpful to the community and unrelated to specific products. (an exception to this is responding to posts you are tagged in)

– Vendors must have had a minimum of two months active membership before posting as a vendor.

– Vendors must submit their details to Admin (name, store name, contact details and what they stock) for inclusion in our vendor list, and check that they have been added to the list before posting as a vendor. Email Admin at

– Vendors must preface business related posts clearly with *Vendor post*.

– Vendors may not list individual products for sale on the board (excepting personal sales), but may post to advise of a stocking, pre-order, or the release of a new product that they will be stocking.

– Please do not bump vendor posts more than twice in a 24 hour period.

– Vendors may answer ISOs if they have that product in stock or can order it in.

– Vendors should keep in mind that this is a community and that there may be other vendors stocking identical products. Please be wary of specifically direct people only to your site when they ask where to buy, if you have been around the community other members are likely to mention that you area supplier when a question is asked.

– Posting to advise of a short term sale is appropriate.However, please do not refer to this sale in comments on other posts.

*** A vendor is any group member who has a business selling/making/modifying babywearing related products. For any other type of business you may promote yourself and your sales ONLY in the fabulous facebook pages of our members’ document.

*** If you are a babywearing vendor who isn’t planning on participating fully in the group, you are welcome to also add a link to your store to the ‘where to buy baby carriers in Australia’ listing, found here.

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