Common Acyonyms, Abbreviations and Terms Used in Babywearing

Types of carriers & carrier features

ABC – Asian-style baby carrier

MT – mei tai

SSC – soft-structured carrier

GSW – German style woven (wrap)

Onbu – onbuhimo

Pod – podaegi, podegi, podeagi

RS – ring sling

SPOC – simple piece of cloth (a wrap; often refers to a home-made one)

HR – head rest

LE – limited edition

Woven – hand or machine loomed textile (cotton, hemp, linen, etc) with less stretch than an interlock or jersey material

Stretchy – generally made of some type of jersey (cotton, hemp, etc) or interlock material with excessive diagonal “give”. Great for newbies, as babies grow the wrap stretches out of shape while wearing, which means constant adjusting and discomfort on wearers back (because of the sag).

Gauze – also called muslin in some areas, great breezy wrap. Can feel diggy in wearers shoulders if carrying a lot of weight.

Cotton – majority of wraps are made from cotton, known for its reliability and durability.

Linen – often 50/50 blends with cotton are released for Mamas who need extra support, they are denser and tougher and can carry more weight than cotton. (Great for toddlers) Straight linen blends take longer to “break in” and won’t feel as soft as plain cotton.

Carriers & brands frequently referred to with abbreviation

ABC -Action Baby Carrier

AMC (AMC I, AMC II) – Active Mom Carriers

ASW – Aqua Silk Waves

ATB – Attached to Baby

BHT – Baby Hemp Tai

BBB – Babies Beyond Borders

BBB – Bali Baby Breeze (made by Gypsy Mama)

BBS – Bali Baby Stretch (made by Gypsy Mama or BB-Slen (formerly Babylonia)

BH – BabyHawk*

BH XT – BabyHawk XT (extra tall) model

BBO – Ball Baby Overalls

BR – Birdies Room

BSAP – Baby Space Adjustable Pouch

BSBS – Blue Sky Baby Slings

BWC – Bamberoo Wrap Conversion

CGW – Colorgrown Waves (a variety of Didymos wrap)

CS/CSRS – Chicken Scratch/Chicken Scratch Ring Sling

CSE – Cashmere Silk Ellipsen (a variety of Didymos wrap)

DB – Dragonfly Beginnings

Didy – Didymos

E2E – Eye to Eye

ER – EllaRoo

ER – Earthy Rainbow Girasol

ERLP – EllaRoo Lightly Padded Sling

ERMT – Ellaroo Mei Tei

FH – Freehand

GM – Gypsy Mama

GM BBB – Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze

GM BBS – Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Stretch

HAB – Hug-a-Bub

Hop – Hoppediz

HS – Hotslings

H2H – Heart to Heart

HSW – Hellblau Silk Waves (a variety of Didymos wrap)

KC – Kindercarry

KKACP – Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Cotton Pouch

KKAFP – Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch

KKAMP – Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Mesh Pouch

KS – Kleinsmekker

LBE – Lemon Balm Essentials

MBB – My Bei Bei

MnM – Mom and Me Creations

MMIAP – Mamma’s Milk Invisibly Adjustable Pouch

MTB – Mei Tai Baby

NJP – Nana’s Jetpack

NN – New Native

NHT – Nurslings Hemp Tie

NSM – Natural Silk Millefiori (a variety of Didymos wrap)

NSN – Natural Silk Nino (a variety of Didymos wrap)

NWT – Nurslings Wraptation Conversion

O&A – Olives and Applesauce

OMT – Octi Mei Tai

OTSBH – Over the Shoulder Baby Holder

P/H – Petrol Honey (a variety of Didymos wrap

Pfau – A LE Didymos wrap, which features peacocks in the weave. Brought out in 2007, and again in 2010, 2011 and 2012 to commemorate Didymos “roots”. The Pfau was Didys first wrap, and was released from 1972-1982.

PIP – Pea in the Pod

POC – Piece of Cloth

PS – Peanut Shell

PSM – Pink Silk Millefiori (a variety of Didymos wrap)

PSW – Pink Silk Waves (a variety of Didymos wrap)

RBS – Rockin’ Baby Sling

SBP – Sleeping Baby Productions

SBNYC – Soul Baby NYC (New York City)

SI – Silk Indio (a variety of Didymos wrap)

SLM – Sweet Little Monkey

Storch – Storchenwiege

TMT – Taylor Made Treasures (now known as Taylor Made)

TPB – The Portable Baby

TTBH – Two-tone BabyHawk

TTC* – Ten Toes Click

UBW – Ultimate Baby Wrap

Vat – Vatanai

WO – Walter’s Organic

*Acronyms marked with an asterisk have more than one common meaning, depending on context. If the first one you find does not makes sense, please check other sections of the list.

Carrier positions & methods for tying (wraps)

BWCC- back wrap cross carry

BWCC w/ CB- back wrap cross carry with a chest belt

CHCC – coolest hip cross carry

DH – double hammock (aka chunei back carry)

FCC – front cross carry

FFO – front facing out

FWCC- front wrap cross carry

HCC – hip cross carry

JC – Jordan’s back carry

P-WCC – pocket wrap cross carry

T2T – Tummy-to-tummy, also called snuggle hold

WCC – wrap cross carry

TC – Taiwanese carry

WPBC- Wiggle-proof back carry

Other terms to define (wraps)

Bias – A line going diagonally across the grain of fabric: i.e. cut the cloth on the bias.

Colorway – a color scheme in which a pattern or style (of fabric, apparel, furnishings, wallpaper, etc.) is available.

Hemmed – An edge or border on a piece of cloth, especially a finished edge, as for a garment or curtain, made by folding an edge under and stitching it down.

Jacquard – A fabric with an intricately woven pattern or a special loom or the method employed in the weaving of a figured fabric.

Poppability – a carry that lets you “pop” baby in and out without undoing the wrap.

Selvage – The edge of a fabric that is woven so that it will not fray or ravel.

Serged – To overcast (the raw edges of a fabric) to prevent unraveling.

Tapered – when the ends of the wrap are not as wide as the middle. makes the knot easier to tie

Warp – The threads that run lengthwise in a woven fabric, crossed at right angles to the woof (or weft).

Weft – The horizontal threads interlaced through the warp in a woven fabric; woof.


270 cm

320 cm 

370 cm

420 cm

470 cm

520 cm


LE- Limited edition wraps that are released by Didymos. (many sell out within 5 minutes) 

BLENDS- Linen, Cotton, Hemp, Silk, Kapok, Ramie, Wool, Cashmere, Tussah Silk. These can come in all different blends, such as 50/50 linen cotton, 40/60 linen cotton, 40/60 wool, cotton ect.

TYPES- Indios, Double faced, Waves, Jacquard, Stripes, Critters ( fish, pfau ), Nino’s

See this great link for carries you can do with different length wraps.

Guidelines for Selling Homemade and DIY Carriers on BWBSS

We have always welcomed amateur sewers to sell their no-longer needed DIY carriers via our group (which is different to WAHM sellers selling via the group – these transactions need to be completed on your own business page).

However, recently it has come to our attention that we need to ensure that buyers know what questions to ask, and that sellers acknowledge that the onus is on them to ensure that any item which is listed here is safely constructed.

As such, we’ve created the following policy for the sale of home made/DIY carriers 😀

1. All listings for home made/DIY carriers need to be listed within the appropriate album, including at least 1 photo (more are encouraged!). If you are unable to access the albums because of the device you use to list items to the group, please ask for assistance from another member or Admin.

2. All listings for home made/DIY carriers need to be posted using the template for sellers as listed here and on the first image in the home made/DIY album.

HOME MADE BY (myself, someone else known, unknown):

Pattern/s used (nb – if sewn from a non-commercial pattern licence, carriers should be sold at cost price only):


Info about construction (how many seams, where, X boxes, brand of sling rings, etc):

Fabric/s used:

Tested (how long for, who by):

To fit baby weight/size/approx age:

Price (whether this reflects costs only or extra):


As the seller of this item I agree that to the best of my knowledge it is a sturdy, safe carrier.


Buyers please note that we strongly encourage asking questions and research if you are new to DIY carriers. These carriers provide and opportunity to try out some amazing carriers at a really affordable price, but BWBSS cannot determine the suitability of these carriers. Ask lots of questions!

Thank you to the members of our community who have assisted with setting up this guideline.

Guidelines for Selling Ergos, Becos, Freehands and other Regularly Faked Carriers

Here at BWBSS we welcome the sale of genuine, authenticated ERGObaby, Beco and Freehand carriers.

If you have a carrier which you’d like to sell here, and it’s one of these known counterfeited brands, you are now required to provide proof of its authenticity at the same time as you list on the group. In order to do this, you are now REQUIRED to provide a photo to your potential buyer of the serial number tag, taken with a current newspaper, date showing or the date showing on your computer window, or some other date identifying feature. You may PM this photo to your buyer or email it them.

If your carrier doesn’t have a serial number you are required to authenticate it before listing on the wall. Authentication for Ergos can currently be provided to you via Babes in Arms Australia, the contact page is here. Otherwise, contact the distributor for your particular brand. Please be aware that authenticating carriers is a time consuming undertaking for Babes In Arms, emails may be delayed if work loads are heavy. The distributor of a product is not legally required to provide this service and it may end at any time.

Sellers of ERGObaby, Beco or Freehand carriers are only permitted to receive payment for these carriers via non-gifted paypal. Gifted paypal and bank deposit are not acceptable methods of payment for the sales of known counterfeited brands. All sales of known counterfeited branded carriers must be posted via platinum express or registered post.

Once the carrier has arrived with the buyer, they then need to check that the serial number provided in the photo matches the serial number of the carrier received, and the buyer may choose to liaise with the appropriate distributor to confirm authenticity. If the carrier is proven to be a fake then the buyer is within their rights to claim a refund via paypal.

Buyers are advised that failing to ask for and authenticate a photo waives any assistance from BWBSS Admin in the case of an adverse event (e.g. the carrier turns out to be a fake). Choosing to pay by any method other than non-gifted paypal ALSO waives this assistance. We are not able to hold your hands if you can’t follow the guidelines put in place to help protect you. Neither Admin nor other members of BWBSS are able to authenticate carriers, this is the sole discretion of the appropriate distributors.

Sellers are advised that failing to provide the requested photograph will result in a loss of trading privileges on the group for 2 months duration, even if the carrier is genuine. Knowingly selling a fake carrier will result in a permanent ban and unwitting selling a fake carrier will result in a temporary full exclusion for 4 months. If you are in doubt then contact the Australian distributor for your product BEFORE you list it for sale.

If these new rules sound draconian and bureaucratic: they are. It’s a unfortunate consequence of fakes flooding the market. We make no pretence that they are fair to the owners of these products. They are not fair. But they are the best we can do.

The description template which must be used for ERGObaby, Beco and Freehand carriers is copied and pasted below:



Authentication provided: (purchase receipt from authorised retailer, email from distributor)

Photo of serial number available: This must be provided via PM or email to potential buyers


Postage: (must be platinum express or registered)

Payment option: All sales of known counterfeit brands must be paid for via non-gifted paypal. Condition of carrier: