Guidelines for Selling Ergos, Becos, Freehands and other Regularly Faked Carriers

Here at BWBSS we welcome the sale of genuine, authenticated ERGObaby, Beco and Freehand carriers.

If you have a carrier which you’d like to sell here, and it’s one of these known counterfeited brands, you are¬†now required to provide proof of its authenticity at the same time as you list on the group. In order to do this, you are now REQUIRED to provide a photo to your potential buyer of the serial number tag, taken with a current newspaper, date showing or the date showing on your computer window, or some other date identifying feature. You may PM this photo to your buyer or email it them.

If your carrier doesn’t have a serial number you are required to authenticate it before listing on the wall. Authentication for Ergos can currently be provided to you via Babes in Arms Australia, the contact page is here.¬†Otherwise, contact the distributor for your particular brand. Please be aware that authenticating carriers is a time consuming undertaking for Babes In Arms, emails may be delayed if work loads are heavy. The distributor of a product is not legally required to provide this service and it may end at any time.

Sellers of ERGObaby, Beco or Freehand carriers are only permitted to receive payment for these carriers via non-gifted paypal. Gifted paypal and bank deposit are not acceptable methods of payment for the sales of known counterfeited brands. All sales of known counterfeited branded carriers must be posted via platinum express or registered post.

Once the carrier has arrived with the buyer, they then need to check that the serial number provided in the photo matches the serial number of the carrier received, and the buyer may choose to liaise with the appropriate distributor to confirm authenticity. If the carrier is proven to be a fake then the buyer is within their rights to claim a refund via paypal.

Buyers are advised that failing to ask for and authenticate a photo waives any assistance from BWBSS Admin in the case of an adverse event (e.g. the carrier turns out to be a fake). Choosing to pay by any method other than non-gifted paypal ALSO waives this assistance. We are not able to hold your hands if you can’t follow the guidelines put in place to help protect you. Neither Admin nor other members of BWBSS are able to authenticate carriers, this is the sole discretion of the appropriate distributors.

Sellers are advised that failing to provide the requested photograph will result in a loss of trading privileges on the group for 2 months duration, even if the carrier is genuine. Knowingly selling a fake carrier will result in a permanent ban and unwitting selling a fake carrier will result in a temporary full exclusion for 4 months. If you are in doubt then contact the Australian distributor for your product BEFORE you list it for sale.

If these new rules sound draconian and bureaucratic: they are. It’s a unfortunate consequence of fakes flooding the market. We make no pretence that they are fair to the owners of these products. They are not fair. But they are the best we can do.

The description template which must be used for ERGObaby, Beco and Freehand carriers is copied and pasted below:



Authentication provided: (purchase receipt from authorised retailer, email from distributor)

Photo of serial number available: This must be provided via PM or email to potential buyers


Postage: (must be platinum express or registered)

Payment option: All sales of known counterfeit brands must be paid for via non-gifted paypal. Condition of carrier: