Getting There

Welcome to the Carrying On Campaign (COCAM) blog carnival week two! Hosted by Kanga Collective, we’re excited to read about getting to, around, over and under this morning with our fellow bloggers!

One of the things we get asked about the most on Babywearing Buy Sell Swap is: what bag works for babywearers? Babywearing is freedom- freedom to use stairs, escalators without imminent danger of losing the pram, rough terrain, grass, crowds, narrow aisles between merchandise in the department store… but you still need to carry things.

If you prefer front carries, then many baby wearers like a backpack. You can stuff loads into it and you probably already own a few. However, many of us prefer the back carry: what to do?

Generally a messenger-style bag worn across the body works well. One with an easily adjustable strap will give you a great deal of flexibility no matter which carrier or carry you’re using. However, be aware of its construction. Bags made of leather or other heavy materials can add a substantial amount to the weight you’re already carrying.

My best tip for any new babywearer is: pack light! What do you really need? If you are out and about using your car as a base, then I find that packing two bags: one with nappies, wipes, clothes, drink bottle and the long etc. to stay mostly in the car and another with just keys, wallet and phone makes life a lot easier. If you’re just going to the park: do you really need a change of clothes? In event of a massive nappy eruption, will you just be able to come home? If so, then don’t bother packing things you don’t really need.

Some carriers like ring slings and SSCs come with pockets which can be handy to stuff those important items like keys and phones into when you’re out for a short time. A small over-the-shoulder bag works well in these situations too.

The difficulties start when you’re out for a long period away from the car and you need snacks, drink bottles, clothes, tissues, nappies, wipes, medications etc. Add to that other essential out-all-day equipment such as hats, sunscreen and equipment for whatever you’re doing (the ball for the park, swimmers and towels for the pool…) and you’re lugging quite a bit of stuff!

Some babywearers love their nanna trolleys in these situations. Others find the pram indispensible- after all, there’s only so much you can carry! If you’re going on a long trip, then here’s a babywearer’s view on that. In any of these situations, if you have older children who can carry their own items, then this takes a lot of the load off your shoulders- literally!

In short, though, the lighter you pack, the freer you are. Babywearing Gets You There!