Reinforced Rucksack Tutorial

1. Find your middle marker

2.Place baby high on your upper back, with the middle marker centered on their back.

3.Secure top rail under your chin. Reach under your babes legs, grab the bottom rail.

4.Pull excess fabric taught from knee to knee.

5.Tuck excess fabric up as high as you can under your child. This forms the seat.

6.Start to gather wrap, bringing fabric evenly over your shoulders.

7.Tighten rails evenly over your shoulders. Focus on tightening strand by strand.

8.Secure one pass between your knees.

9.Send pass back over your babes leg, reach back with your “free” hand to receive pass.

10.Holding onto the top rail, spread fabric up and high over your babes back.

11.L-pull* the wrap up to your babes chin. Get that pass tight and high.

12.Gather the pass rail by rail evenly. Note that the bottom rail has formed a second seat.

13.Gently lift your babes leg, bringing the pass under.

14.Leaning forward, tuck the second seat under your little one.

15.Standing upright, pull the pass “out & up”. Focus on gathering any excess fabric.

16.Secure the “finished” pass between your knees. Repeat above steps with the “other” pass.

17.Spread pass tight and high across babes back.


(Repeat step 14 & 15)

19.With one pass in each hand, jump and tug to remove any remaining slack.

20.Tie in front to finish your Reinforced Ruck. Remember optimal positioning: knees higher than bottom.

Tips to remember:

1. Focus on tucking the seat. A good seat will ensure a solid, comfortable carry for you and your babe.

2. Stand reasonably upright during the wrapping process. Let gravity work on maintaining that perfect seat.

3. L-pull*- focus on getting a high, tight top rail for every pass.

*An L-pull refers to the L shape made by your elbow bend. It is a useful trick for getting the wrap high and snug. Grab the top rail and pull up and out, tightening any slack.