Five Babywearing Tips for Birth Workers

Birthworkers can be the first advocates for babywearing: but when you’re trying to advocate for the mother, the baby, the partner, the family, breastfeeding, the birth of choice… it’s understandable it’s not priority #1! Here are five things to know about babywearing and how you can help a family:

  1. Babywearing is good for mothers and babies. It promotes bonding between parent and baby. It helps parents respond to baby’s cues and the skin-to-skin contact helps regulate baby’s temperature, heart rate and breathing. Whether the birth has been perfect as envisioned, or whether it has taken a different direction: babywearing can help promote the initial bonding between parent and child in the first weeks and months.
  2. Babywearing is good for breastfeeding. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin and helps the mother’s milk supply to establish. Keeping baby close to the breast also helps a baby who is having trouble getting started with breastfeeding learn that the breast is a great place to be. It can also help reduce a new mother’s anxiety about a breastfeeding relationship that is brand new!
  3. Babywearing increases a new parent’s confidence– both in their own abilities and in their new role. A parent who can settle her baby easily is a more confident parent. A parent who has a basic skill-set that also allows her to take care of her own needs will also make a transition into parenthood more gently. It’s a big change for all of us. Birth workers support the transition into parenthood and so does babywearing.
  4. Babywearing doesn’t have to be expensive. A great newborn baby carrier is a home-made stretchy wrap. They are cheap to make, require no sewing and are safe. These are a great tool for doulas and midwives to have on hand- and they’re probably within your (limited!!) budget. Here’s instructions on how to make some.
  5. Babywearing is safe for healthy, term newborns. Here is our link to basic babywearing safety and here is a downloadable pamphlet you can print or email to clients.

Interested in finding out more about babywearing? You may like to see our posts on babywearing the premature baby and the term newborn.

Happy Babywearing!


One thought on “Five Babywearing Tips for Birth Workers

  1. So true! I first heard of the Hug-A-Bub in a Special Care Nursery which sold them and encouraged parents to use them. It was a great tool for me in the early days of having a premmie baby who needed lots of feeds and lots of cuddles. I’m now wearing my third child in a woven wrap, but that was where it all started.

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