What Does a Babywearer NEED? What do you WANT?

The answer to the second question is quite easy. For many of us, it’s “one of everything and a spare in a shorter size please!”.

But realistically, unless you have a secret door in your wardrobe to the land of the Far Away Cash Bonanza, it’s not realistic for most of us. Even those babywearers with impressively large stashes of carriers didn’t start out with a lot – it took a long time and often replaced a shoe or handbag obsession in the process.

What does a babywearer need? The answer to this one is actually quite simple: a fetching piece of fabric about the size of a tablecloth and some fantastic skills serves 90% of babywearers around the world for all their needs. Those of us downunder like a few options. Here’s my take: something to get on fast and something to wear for long periods.

Carriers you can get on fast: Ring slings, pouches, short wraps.

Carriers you can wear for long periods: Soft structured carriers, mei tais, long wraps and (depending) short wraps.

All of these carriers- with the exceptions of most stretch wraps and pouches- can be used from around 3-4 months old to beyond 2 years of age.

One from each of those lists, or even just one from the second list (because once you’re good with you’re carrier, you can get it on and off quickly no matter what it is) is everything you need.

To start with…


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