Babywearing Ages and Stages: Term Newborns (0-3 Months)

Welcome to our new series: Babywearing Ages and Stages. We’re working with Baby Carriers Downunder on this series. In it, we’ll take you through some of the ages and stages your little one will go through in your babywearing journey. BCD let you know some of the problems that come up, which carriers work well and what to look out for. We’ll talk about brands that work well, where to find them and how to get started.

What Brands Work for the Newborn Baby?

Wraps: You have a multiplicity of choices when it comes to wraps: woven wraps, stretch wraps, hybrid wraps! Which, what, where?

  • Woven Wraps: these are great. They will last you until you stop wearing, they are suitable for newborns all the way up to preschoolers if you wrap well. They can be a little hard to learn, but you can use them on your front, back and hip. They’ll change and adapt as your baby grows. At this age, just about any brand will do the job!
  • Stretch Wraps: lots of people start out with these. They include the moby, hugabub, boba wrap. They are similar to a woven wrap in the sense that they have a long piece of fabric wrapping around you, but they should only be used for front carries. Generally they will only work for a baby under 8kg so have a limited life span.
  • Hybrid wraps. These include things like the caboo which are a cross between a carrier and a wrap. It has a similar life-span and versatility to the stretch wraps. Other hybrid wraps like the Je Porte Mon Bebe and Wrapsody Stretch Wraps operate on a similar principle to the stretch wrap but can carry babies of considerably greater weight (14kg+) and are suitable for back carries. Be aware that with newborns, the Je Porte Mon Bebe should be pre-tied as there is the potential to over-tighten the wrap.

Ring Slings: Most ring slings will work well for a premature baby. Maya Wrap, Sakura Bloom, Wrap-Conversion ring slings like girasol, BB-slen, neobulle and hoppediz are all suitable.

Make sure you remember the basics of babywearing safety, see our post here.

How Do I Get Started?

Congratulations, you’ve made it home- and now you want to wear your baby! Our best advice is: take it slow. You have a lot of babywearing in front of you and it’s OK to just get by with the basics right now.

If you have a ring sling, look here for a great place to start.

If you have a wrap, there’s many ways you can tie it, but a good place to start out with a premature baby is the Front Wrap Cross Carry with bunched passes. Look here for information.

Take a look at our downloadable pamphlet on wearing newborns for lots of great pictures and information on how to wear your newborn.

Finding likeminded parents is also a great way to get help. Come check out Babywearing Buy Sell Swap or Baby Carriers Downunder for help and support. You’ll be able to find a local sling group who can give you hands out support and advice.


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