Not a Babywearing Nerd

Welcome to the final instalment of the Carrying On Campaign. We’re part of the blog carnival at Kanga Collective and we’re looking forward to what everyone else has to say!

Does babywearing get your family? Even if you’re not a babywearing nerd?

Babywearing isn’t about being able to fill a cupboard full of baby carriers and have to shove the door closed. It’s not about carrying more kids at once, or back carrying younger (or at all), about doing a complex wrap job or using the most expensive pair of buckles ever invented. Babywearing is about you and your child and the means you use to carry them.

Although there are now a wonderful, dizzying array of brands, options and ways to carry your baby, it doesn’t matter what you use. Babywearing Gets Your Family- if you’re a front-pack carrier family (Bjorn, Snuggli etc.), a buckles or SSC kind of family, a simple pouch family or a “tie a knot in a cot sheet and call it good” kind of family- you’re babywearing.

Some of us consider babywearing a lifestyle choice- we live, breathe and love it. We carry our preschoolers, we carry our newborns eight hours a day. Our kids sleep on our backs and we can turn just about any piece of cloth lying around into a baby carrier. Make no mistake: we are the babywearing nerds.

But most people who wear their babies don’t think of themselves as babywearers. They have an Ergo, or Manduca, or Maya Wrap, or Hotsling, or Bjorn, or Kanga, or… and they use it when it’s useful to them. Not necessarily 8 hours a day, not even every day. But they use it when they and their child want to. That’s it, all it takes. Babywearing Gets You.

It’s not a style, a fashion or a trend: it’s a parenting tool that’s useful.

How do you use it?


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