Top Five Tips for Spotting a Website Selling Fake Carriers

Fakes are being sold in unprecedented numbers. We’ve talked about them before in this community, whether it’s our Top Five Tips for Avoiding A Rip-Off or BCD’s I think I bought a Fake, What do I do? we are always looking for ways to become more aware.

But how do you know if a website is retailing the genuine product or not? It’s hard to tell from a digital-distance.

Here are our tips:

  1. The website should be listed on the distributor’s page. The main problem is with fake Ergos, the Australian distributor is Babes in Arms. If the website you’re interested in is not listed on distributor’s site, don’t buy until you’ve contacted the distributor to check they are legitimate. Savvy scammers often mention the correct distributor as a way of increasing their apparent legitimacy: don’t trust that alone, or any number of “safe and secure” website icons.
  2. The legitimate distributors of these products spend a lot of time and effort shutting these sites down: as a result the new replacement sites (that come up like mould) are often shonkily constructed, have poor copywriting and obvious spelling mistakes. This doesn’t make them a bargain!
  3. Look for unrealistic discounts. Anything selling at 40% or more off needs to be questioned. No one can sell at a loss permanently.
  4. Even if the web address looks official – “”, “”- that doesn’t make it legitimate.
  5. Use your community! Head to BWBSS and ask. There are several advantages to this: 3000+ members including vendors know what’s legitimate; someone is there 24/7 answers come fast and, lastly, they’re always keen to score someone else a bargain.

Happy, safe shopping!


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