Don’t Get the Job Done

When you’re a parent, there’s work to be done. Feed the child, clothe the child, bathe the child (sometimes), put the child to sleep (bane of your existence), keep the child asleep (ditto), clean the house, do the laundry, pay the bills: it all goes on.

Put that way, parenting is a series of menial tasks managed by a boss who won’t develop empathy for the next couple of years, but is unbelievably adorable nonetheless.

Parenting shouldn’t be about task-completion. Parenting should be about enjoying the time you have with your baby. In all this discussion of Getting the Job Done, it’s important not to forget that although the job has to be done, but it’s not what you both crave.

Don’t forget to leave the dishes in the sink sometimes. Don’t forget to ignore the slightly grotty clothes and let the build up on the floor escape your eye. Put your baby in a carrier, cuddle up, leave the house and breathe the fresh air together.

The job will get done, eventually. But the best part of the job is enjoying the baby you do it for.

Thanks to Kanga Collective for hosting this week’s blog carnival – don’t forget to check out the other great participants!


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