Babywearing Is Close

Welcome to the Carrying On Campaign blog carnival. Hosted by Kanga Collective, we’re looking forward to a fantastic morning’s reading!

Our post this morning is about babywearing being close. We know it gets you close as our fellow bloggers have pointed out. But babywearing is also all around you.

One of the hardest things about starting to babywear can be finding the what, finding the how and finding the help. We’re going to try and find all of those for you this morning!

Finding The What

Baby carriers are all around you. You can buy them new. You can buy them secondhand. But there are carriers you don’t have to buy. Twin bed sheets, cot sheets, shawls, tablecloths, sarongs, curtains… any piece of fabric more than about 60cm wide and between 2-3 meters long (depending on your size and your child’s size) can be used as a babycarrier.

When choosing your cloth bear in mind it should be a breathable fabric. It should also be strong enough to support your child’s weight without ripping- leave the paperweight fabrics for decoration! If you’d be prepared to wear a pair of pants or a skirt made out of the fabric it’s probably OK.

So you’ve looked around your linen closet, you’ve cut down grandma’s best bed sheet down to about 70cm wide. Now what?

Finding the How

The basic technique for babywearing, used by many cultures around the world for many thousands of years is: get a piece of cloth and tie a knot. It’s not that hard, but a few things will help. Seeing how to do it is key! (This tute is bought to you by my webcam. This will explain a lot about the angle of the shots!)

Step One

Start by folding your wrap in half lengthways. Hang the wrap over one shoulder and bring it under the opposite arm. The fold of the wrap should be towards the outside of your shoulder and the edges of the wrap closest to your neck.

Tie a knot in your wrap. Ideally you should use a square knot (easy instructions here) but if baby is screaming and you’re stressed, an ordinary double knot will be fine.

Slide the knot back to between your shoulder blades.

Your wrap should hang down to around your navel. If it’s too long, retie the knot. If your baby is very small, you may need to tie it higher. This will take some experimenting!

Next, take your baby and slide his/her legs through the wrap.

Step Two

Open the pocket that the fold of the wrap has made and slide the baby’s bottom into the pocket.

Step Three

Advanced users can kiss the baby at the same time.

Step Four

Pull the wrap up to your baby’s neck for support. You’re in!

Step 5

You can flip the top edge of the wrap out over your shoulder (or fold the bottom edge in) to tighten the top rail of the wrap.

Congratulations! You just created a pouch carry- in a bed sheet. Not sure if it’s right? Check the TICKS babywearing safety guide. If you’re following those guidelines, it’s fine.

Perhaps you prefer video instructions? Magic City Slingers has a great one!

Finding the Help

Maybe this isn’t as easy as it looks on webcam. Maybe you have a carrier and you want to get closer. Come find us at Babywearing Buy Sell Swap. Helping is what we do best 🙂

Babywearing is close. Babywearing gets you close. Closeness is in your linen closet.


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