Guidelines for Selling Homemade and DIY Carriers on BWBSS

We have always welcomed amateur sewers to sell their no-longer needed DIY carriers via our group (which is different to WAHM sellers selling via the group – these transactions need to be completed on your own business page).

However, recently it has come to our attention that we need to ensure that buyers know what questions to ask, and that sellers acknowledge that the onus is on them to ensure that any item which is listed here is safely constructed.

As such, we’ve created the following policy for the sale of home made/DIY carriers 😀

1. All listings for home made/DIY carriers need to be listed within the appropriate album, including at least 1 photo (more are encouraged!). If you are unable to access the albums because of the device you use to list items to the group, please ask for assistance from another member or Admin.

2. All listings for home made/DIY carriers need to be posted using the template for sellers as listed here and on the first image in the home made/DIY album.

HOME MADE BY (myself, someone else known, unknown):

Pattern/s used (nb – if sewn from a non-commercial pattern licence, carriers should be sold at cost price only):


Info about construction (how many seams, where, X boxes, brand of sling rings, etc):

Fabric/s used:

Tested (how long for, who by):

To fit baby weight/size/approx age:

Price (whether this reflects costs only or extra):


As the seller of this item I agree that to the best of my knowledge it is a sturdy, safe carrier.


Buyers please note that we strongly encourage asking questions and research if you are new to DIY carriers. These carriers provide and opportunity to try out some amazing carriers at a really affordable price, but BWBSS cannot determine the suitability of these carriers. Ask lots of questions!

Thank you to the members of our community who have assisted with setting up this guideline.


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